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Sex Addictions Counselling and Treatments

Intimate relationships are a crucial aspect of humanity. However, a sex addiction has the power to completely upend these relationships, leaving a path of damage and destruction in their wake. If you are struggling with a sex addiction, you may benefit from a sex addiction rehab and counselling.

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction, which is occasionally referred to as love addiction, often begins when a person uses sexual behaviours as a way to manage an emotional issue, such as trauma, anxiety, or depression.

While a sex addiction may first come to light while someone is receiving treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, this is not always the case. However, what is almost always the case is the fact that a sex addiction is a reflection of a deep-seated problem we have in our relationship with ourselves, such as low self-esteem, value, or self-worth.

​While every individual’s behaviour in a relationship differs greatly, the term “addiction” offers a helpful way to try and understand how a person can engage in sexual activity during which they feel out of control. When someone is struggling with an addiction to sex, they have a compulsion to continue going back for more, despite the potential for harmful consequences.

What are the Symptoms of Sexual Addiction?

​Anyone struggling with a sex addiction will be automatically drawn toward actions that have the potential to be harmful for them and/ or make their lives completely unmanageable. They may demonstrate the following behaviours:

  • Excessive masturbation
  • Excessive attraction to/ use of pornography
  • Engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners
  • Soliciting prostitutes

Be aware that a sex addiction is not about having a high sex drive, which can be entirely healthy, but instead spontaneously and compulsively engaging in sexual activity without regard to the significant negative consequences.

Potential consequences may include:

  • Failed relationships; an inability to form healthy relationships
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Financial risks
  • Risk to physical health, such as contracting a sexually transmitted disease
  • Legal consequences

The Symptoms of Love Addiction

​An individual suffering from a love addiction becomes excessively dependent on a relationship or someone else’s attention, to the point that their life often becomes unmanageable. This behaviour is often the result of beliefs, such as “I am worthless unless I am with someone else.”

They may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Inability to let go off a relationship, even if it is damaging or abusive
  • Clinging to the idea a relationship is perfect, despite evidence to the contrary
  • Craving attention and seeking attention from new sources
  • Placing responsibility for their emotional happiness

When someone is struggling with a love addiction, they become obsessed with recreating the rush of finding someone new who is attracted to them. The condition often consumes the early stages of dating and they may try to consistently repeat this stage in their life, in spite of the potential for dangerous consequences. This type of behaviour is frequently linked to low self-esteem that stems from emotional abuse or neglect they experienced as a child.

Sex Addiction Help

Recognising and accepting that you have a sex addiction are the crucial first steps to recovery. Attending a 12 Step programme, such as Monte Wellness Centre’s addiction treatment programme is an excellent starting point. Based on abstinence, the programme is designed to help individuals develop healthy patterns of love and relating to others. You should contact Sex Addicts Anonymous for further information and support.

Sex Counselling and Therapy

​Cognitive Behavioural Therapy within a 12 Step framework can be effective for anyone with a sex addiction. If you are struggling with a sex addiction, it is time to get the help you deserve, so that you can move forward in your life.

Initial Online Assessment

At Monte Wellness Centre, we are well aware that the mere thought of asking for sex addiction help can be overwhelming, from an emotional standpoint. Of course, getting counselling and treatment can be just as daunting. This is why our experienced  Admissions Liaison offer an initial online assessment. All assessments are completed in confidence to allow you or someone you care about the opportunity to discuss the addiction truthfully.


You are not alone – Addiction is a serious illness that does not discriminate and affects millions of people worldwide. Take the next step for you or a loved and request a call back for free confidential advice.


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