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Alcohol Rehab
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While many people can enjoy an alcoholic drink from time to time without any consequences, frequent alcohol use can result in dependency. Without alcohol rehab treatment, dependency can result in severe long-term complications. In some cases, dependency can even be fatal.

Alcoholism Treatment
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When you require alcohol to get through daily life, the impact can be devastating. From straining your relationships with the people you love to interfering with your ability to work and cope with everyday situations; alcohol addiction can take over your entire life. Thankfully, alcohol and drug rehab clinics can help decrease, and in many cases remove the effects of alcohol dependency.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for individuals struggling with dependency to delay seeking treatment due to several common misconceptions. For example, you may believe that the absence of social problems or withdrawal symptoms indicates that you do not have a problem with alcohol dependence. This is not true. Many heavy drinkers, especially women, who develop a tolerance to alcohol, can develop liver cirrhosis or live failure without experiencing signs of withdrawal.

How can that happen? Tolerance has minimised their withdrawal symptoms.

The Consequences of Continued Heavy Drinking

Continued heavy drinking can increase your risk of developing a physical illness, whilst occasional heavy drinking, such as binges or benders, can also result in severe problems, particularly from a social viewpoint. Even if you drink alcohol very sporadically, being dependent means that when you do begin drinking, you can easily lose control and relapse to your past degree of dependence, and beyond.

When You Need it Most, We’re Here to Help

If you are considering reaching out to an alcohol rehab for help with your alcohol addiction, then you have already made a huge first step. You have admitted that you do have a problem and need help. Our skilled and experienced therapists have successfully treated thousands of alcoholics from all the world, helping them to overcome their addiction.

Our personalised programmes include family support and Aftercare. We know that abstinence can be a long, difficult journey, but using our 12-Step model of recovery combined with a comprehensive support network, we have proven that treatment can be successful.

When it is needed, such as when individuals are suffering from significant withdrawal symptoms, we provide detoxification programmes that will help with the side effects of the withdrawal process and assist with anxiety.

A Look at the Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Whilst it is common knowledge that alcohol dependence has physical symptoms of withdrawal, it also results in psychological symptoms that suggest a person is at risk of developing a physical dependence. Psychological symptoms of alcohol include:

  • Prioritizing alcohol over other things
  • A solid pattern of alcohol use
  • Increased tolerance
  • Appearance of withdrawal symptoms
  • Beginning to drink again after a period of abstinence

Additional Questions

Q: Is alcohol dependency an actual disease?

A: Alcoholism has a cause, symptoms, and a treatment is available, so it does have all the characteristics of a progressive disease. When someone develops a dependency on alcohol, they frequently lose track of how much and how often they are drinking. The only effective treatment for alcoholism is to stop drinking completely.

Q: Why are women more affected by alcohol than men?

A: There are several reasons that women feel the effects of alcohol more intensely and for a longer period of time than men. First, alcohol is usually diluted by water and because women often weigh less, they have less water to dilute the alcohol. Additionally, women have a higher percentage of body fat than men, which makes it easier for them to absorb alcohol. Finally, women produce fewer of the enzymes that help break down and eliminate alcohol from the body. These are the most common reasons why women develop problems with alcohol, as well as physical complications, much more quickly than men.

Q: What is the CAGE test and what does it indicate?

A: In terms of alcohol rehab and dependency, the CAGE test is commonly used to determine if someone has an alcohol dependency. The CAGE questions include:

  • Have you ever felt you should Cut down on your drinking?
  • Have people ever Annoyed you by criticising your drinking?
  • Have you ever felt bad or Guilty about your drinking?
  • Have you ever had an Eye opener; a drink first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or get rid of a hangover?

If you answer “Yes” to two or more questions, this is a good indication that you may have a problem with alcohol. This is also a sign that you should ask for help.

Q: Can you explain how abstinence works?

A: When abstinence is needed, treatment is highly structured. It involves several stages that are similar to those used in self-help organisations, such as Alcoholics Anonymous. The primary goal is to ensure you give up alcohol completely, instead of simply cutting down on how much you drink.

Q: How does detoxification work?

A: If you have a physical dependence on alcohol and show signs of withdrawal when you stop drinking, your treatment will start with a medically assisted withdrawal or detoxification. This is done by replacing alcohol with prescribed medication. The medication dosage is often reduced over a period of 7 to 11 days, although detox may take longer. The goal of detoxification is to decrease the unpleasant symptoms associated with stopping drinking; although these symptoms may be severe in the beginning, they quickly become less intense.

Q: How does rehabilitation work?

A: This varies, according to your needs. It may involve anything from receiving support from self-help groups to intensive alcoholism treatment in a rehabilitation facility. Therapy is intended to help you determine why you have been drinking and to develop alternatives to drinking. Eventually, you will begin to lead a new and fulfilled life without alcohol.

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