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Family Week

Families, carers and friends

The Family Week offers the most comprehensive form of support for families of addicts and alcoholics. It does this by bringing together the family and the addict/alcoholic in an intensive integrated treatment program over 4 days.

Loved ones are invited to join the client in treatment in order to gain a better understanding of the nature of addiction. They also learn how to effectively support the addict’s recovery while also looking after themselves.

Our Family program integrates the staff, family and the addict/alcoholic into a cooperative, smooth functioning team. Together, they are focused on the goal of recovery from alcoholism and addiction and support for families of addicts and alcoholics.

Support for families of addicts and alcoholics during Family Week consists of education, structured exercises around communication and setting boundaries. It also includes guided discussions that explore addiction, the family system and relationships. Individual and family counselling provide a safe and therapeutic environment where each person can explore their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The overall goal is to learn to live happier, more peaceful and fulfilling lives together.

Additional support

If unable to attend Family Week then we offer other forms of support for families of alcoholics and addicts.

We offer counselling sessions with our Therapists to learn more about family drug intervention. Sessions with our Therapists provide the family member with important information regarding drug and alcohol problems. The family member also learns how look after themselves better and more effectively support their loved one.

Family members visiting Portugal can see our Therapist face-to-face. We can also provide Skype sessions and referrals to other resources.


We know how difficult it can be to convince a loved one that they need help. The addict is usually in denial and has distanced themselves from family and friends, not open to hearing their concern. We understand addicts and the nature of addiction. We also understand the family dynamics that go along with addiction. Therefore, we have developed a highly successful drug intervention program for families or friends of a loved one in trouble.
Staff have designed a proven method to penetrate the addict’s denial and resistance in order to help them to accept the need for treatment. Our staff work alongside the family to encourage the individual to accept help and begin their journey to recovery.

Our Interventionist uses a highly structured, step-by-step approach that has great success helping people realise the benefits of rehab. First the Intervention Specialist meets with family members/loved ones to prepare them for the intervention. This can take a few meetings depending on the specific circumstances. Then the intervention is performed with the addict. With an emphasis on Love, Care and Compassion, our highly skilled and experienced practitioners will help guide you every step of the way. By accepting the expert guidance of our staff, family and friends will play a major role in motivating a loved one to enter and stay in the treatment program and maintain long term recovery.


You are not alone – Addiction is a serious illness that does not discriminate and affects millions of people worldwide. Take the next step for you or a loved and request a call back for free confidential advice.


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