Its All About Language Apparently When We Discuss Addiction & Recovery

I’m always fascinated with language, how we manipulate it to meet our own needs in the most imaginative ways, particularly when we’re addressing addiction recovery and associated issues. Recovery, rehab, detox have all been hi-jacked by different elements and their meaning changed to meet their individual needs: Recovery I thought meant anyone who stops their compulsive behaviours and enters a pathway of change from their previous ones ie, sobriety, abstinence etc; apparently it now means anyone no longer using abusing their substance/behaviour of choice and substituting...  I have no [...]

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Gender Specific Workshops

Developing gender specific therapeutic workshops to augment person centred programmes and long term outcomes for addiction recovery   In delivering quality treatment programmes for addiction recovery at MONTE, we have developed a range of gender specific resources to provide an overall therapeutic balance for our clients; at Western Counselling we have discovered this to be an important element in retention and engagement in the programme resulting in enhanced outcomes for both sexes. By ensuring we meet the gender specific aspects of life in recovery we are able to assist [...]

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Delivering 12 Step treatment in the Modern Day

A lot has been written about 12 Step treatment, its pros and cons; it seems that 12Step model has the “marmite” factor, you either love it or hate it, few are ambivalent, fewer still have no opinion. As a treatment centre in the modern world we have an obligation to use all the tools at our disposal to best meet our clients needs.  Many models are available and maintaining an attitude of disdain and disapproval is unhelpful at best. Historically 12 Step treatment (Minnesota Model) was distinctly different.  It [...]

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