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Therapeutic Programme

The Monte Wellness Centre Programe is delivered within a twelve-step framework. Each client will have person centered individual care plan which is monitored and reviewed regularly. All aspects of an individual’s social and “using” history is explored in detail enabling us to develop comprehensive relapse prevention plans to assist with the transition back to life at home. A longer stay enables more in depth work creating a heightened sense of self-awareness.

Individual Counselling

The individual counselling process explores all issues relating to the resident’s addictive disorder(s) and related issues including family relationships, trauma and self-worth. We approach every person as an individual and tailor their process to fit their personal needs. This is an approach that focuses on behavioral change, 12-step ideology, tools for recovery and self-help participation.

Group Therapy

Our Group therapy sessions promote healing in members through understanding how an individual functions psychologically. The Group facilitator will note and process:

  • How each member is feeling and functioning in the group.
  • How the members are interacting with each other.
  • How the group is performing as a whole.

A focus will be on emotional development and issues that when left unresolved will lead to poor decision-making, impulsivity and unhealthy coping skills. In so doing, the person can improve their judgment and change their attitudes and behaviours.

Group sessions are held daily on a range of topics to include Unmangeabilities, Powerlessness & Damage, Change of Objectives.

In addition workshops will often be a useful adjunct to a group therapy session

Individual Psychology sessions

Individual psychology sessions are available on a weekly basis as necessary with our Psychologist

Educational Workshops

When it comes to recovery from drug, alcohol addiction, or process addictions knowledge is power. The more you know about the disease, its effects and its underlying causes, the easier it will be to progress on the road to recovery. We offer daily recovery education sessions on a wide range of addiction-related topics. We educate residents giving them the knowledge and the resources that are necessary for recovery from addiction.

Addiction is not a moral failing, is a disease. Daily recovery education sessions, drug, alcohol and process addictions support staff and counsellors teach our residents about this disease. As more is learnt about the disease, the process to recovery becomes clearer and secure. Understanding how drugs and alcohol affect the body and the brain is crucial for recovery. Understanding and recognizing the pathology of addiction, how “cravings” occur, and the common signs that lead to relapse helps residents to find long-term recovery that breaks the addictive cycle. Gaining self-awareness about family dynamics, grief, friendships and stress is important and is essential for sustaining long term recovery. We also deliver workshops on Relapse Prevention topics and 12Step principles.

Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations)

Faster EFT is a powerful transformational tool that uses the mind-body connection to address thought process and how it affects the body; it is based in studies that have shown that stress plays a huge part in our overall healt and wellbeing. Robert G. Smith, a leading expert in stress relief, spirituality and healing, took the best aspects of traditional EFT, NLP, and BSFF and created Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations).

This process works to quickly transform how the past can be represented and enables the individual to let go of negative emotions so the body can heal itself. When bad feelings are created by thinking about a past event or memory, it seems real because it is felt in our bodies, even though it’s not happening now. By aiming at the problem and then tapping on certain acupressure points, the mind body connection is broken; thereby allowing the emotional charge surrounding the memory to be released. Addiction can be considered to be a response, a need to mood alter from a feeling of disconnection, anxiety, anger, fears, low self-esteem and stress that has or is being experienced – Faster EFT can help. This technique enables the individual to take conscious control of the unconscious mind.

Holistic Therapies

The programme at MONTE is integrative and inclusive and we aim to incorporate multiple layers of therapies to give an holistic programme encapsulating mind, body and spirit.

Equine Therapy – delivered weekly during the summer timetable.  We work with Manuel who is a skilled equine therapist, at his farm on the outskirts of Evora -30mins drive from MONTE. Work is undertaken outside and therefore is restricted by weather.

Art Therapy – weekly sessions are delivered by the Psychologist. Using all mediums and media including clay and music, we seek to explore the links between body and mind.

Creative Ceramics – weekly 2-3hour session delivered at a local pottery in Montemor-o-Novo.  Clients have access to clay to design and craft tiles, pots etc, and learn the process of colour, glaze and firing.

Yoga – delivered three times per week.  Claudia is experienced in working with a range of issues, disabilities and fitness levels.  Relaxation and meditation, mindfulness are enhanced with her teaching breathing techniques and the power of managing the breath.  Sessions are designed to meet the individuals needs and fitness levels, increasing flexibility and strength for a total mind, body, spirit experience.

Fitness – delivered three times per week.  Joao and Carlos work with a range of fitness levels, disabilities and age to increase flexibility and strength. Exercise is undertaken using the environment available to us – gardens, swimming pool, tennis court, gym and running/walking circuit.

Gardening – the vegetable plot is a popular resource for clients wanting to build a connection with their environment, with much of the produce being used in the kitchens. Working with Jose, clients can participate in weeding, watering, planting and harvesting fresh fruit, vegetables and salad produce

Cooking – Rita and Anabela run the kitchen producing fresh meals daily to meet the tastes and choices of the client group.  Rita will happily work with clients to share recipes and techniques, regional produce etc for enhanced wellbeing, self worth and confidence.

Excursions are undertaken to places of interest, determined by the preferences of the client group in treatment – beach, shopping, cinema, go-karting, golf, places/towns of historical interest.

Every fourth week we undertaken a meal as part of the excursion, this is usually lunch, booked at a restaurant decided by the client group (traditional Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, indian etc). This is an important element of the therapy programme for relapse prevention; feelings, emotions, situations and triggers are highlighted and explored enabling the individual to learn coping strategies for future social interactions and occasions.

Relapse prevention plan

The Relapse Prevention Plan is an essential part of the program delivered by Monte Wellness Centre. This Plan will help to develop a better understanding of self and challenging situations that may be faced. The ability to recognize and respond to early warnings signs is crucial for ongoing sobriety. Developed towards the end of treatment the Plan will include:

• A hard look at the history of use and any previous relapse(s)
• Warning signs and specific ways to manage them
• A support network
• An emergency relapse plan
• Specific ways to prioritize overall well-being


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